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    National High-tech Enterprise

    Conprofe has a strong technical force, with an independent technical research institute, and HPTE Technology Research Center as well as advanced laboratories

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    Conprofe has three global leading technology R&D centers located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and United State, 11 wholly-owned subsidiaries to provide customers with accurate technical support and one-stop product service.

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    Conprofe has established resident services in South Korea, India, Vietnam and other countries to help us extend our premium brand services to a broader international market.

Over 17 years concentration

Conprofe was founding in 2003, and  devoted to developing green and intelligent manufacturing solutions.

Massive ultrasonic welding system pratice data

We focus on the overall matching and performance improvement of the ultrasonic machining.

 Professional Engineers

From the production of high-precision dies to the integrated solutions, we are committed to the new technologies.

More than 130 patents

Conprofe products cover superhard tools, threading tools, precision tool holders, green machining, ultrasonic machining


Ultrasonic welding system for surgical masks
Items Parameters
Frequency(kHz) 20
Output mode Continuous/Intermittent
Model UW20-1A-JX-UWBT20-110x20L
Maximum power(VA) 1500W
Rated voltage(V) 230V±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions(mm) 310(L) x 288(W) x 143(H)
Weight(Kg) 5.6
Ultrasonic welding system for N-series respirators
Items Parameters
Frequency(kHz) 15/20
Output mode Continuous/Intermittent
Model UW15-1B-CFN/UW15-1B-JXN
Maximum power(VA) 2600W
Rated voltage(V) AC230V ±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions(mm) 335(L) x 305(W) x 143(H)
Weight(Kg) 9
Ultrasonic welding system for fish-shaped respirators
Items Parameters
Frequency(kHz) 20
Output mode Continuous/Intermittent
Model UW20-1A-CFF/UW20-1A-JXF
Maximum power(VA) 2600W
Rated voltage(V) AC230±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions(mm) 335(L) x 305(W) x 143(H)
Weight(Kg) 9
Ultrasonic welding system for cup-shaped respirators
Items Parameters
Frequency(kHz) 15
Output mode Intermittent
Model UW15-1C-JXC
Maximum power(VA) 4200W
Rated voltage(V) AC230 ±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions(mm) 335(L) x 305(W) x 143(H)
Weight(Kg) 9
Hand-held ultrasonic spot welder
Items Parameters
Frequency(kHz) 28
Output mode Intermittent
Model UW28-1D-JXS
Maximum power(VA) 300W
Rated voltage(V) AC230 ±10% 50/60Hz
Dimensions(mm) 310(L) x 190(W) x 150(H)
Weight(Kg) 2.9
Ultrasonic equipment
Series Models
ISO ISO20-a, ISO25-a
HSK HSK32E-a, HSK40A-a, HSK40E-a
BT BT30-a

Customized products and services can be provided according to the actual needs of customers

The Information You Want To Know about our professionals.
  • No MOQ: customers can order according to demand.
  • Regular terms of sale: CIF.
  • Export orders: generally shipped by sea, urgent orders are specially treated according to customer needs.
  • Production cycle: different for each order, depending on the actual order product.
  • Payment method: 100% will be paid in one lump sum before delivery.

Working Principle

Ultrasonic Welding System
  • Ultrasonic generator transforms low-frequency alternating current into high-frequency alternating current, and transforms electric energy into mechanical energy through the transducer
  • When the welding head acts on the contact surface of thermoplastic, it will produce tens of thousands of high frequency vibrations per second
  • The high frequency vibration transmits ultrasonic energy to welding area , local high temperature is created due to mechanical force and friction between the plastic parts
  • Pressure lasts for a few seconds, ultrasonic welding making it solidify, forming a solid molecular chain and realizing welding
Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Through ultrasonic digital control system,continuous high-intensity impulse of 16kHz-40kHz (ultrasonic frequency)is generated by ultrasonic tool holder to drive the gr inding head to machine the workpiece.
  • Especially suitable for precision grinding and cutting of conventional hard-brittle materials such as glasses,ceramics,sapphires.3D glass hot bending graphite.SiC and composite materials.

Product Advantages

Mask machine production advantages
  • No solvents, adhesives or other auxiliary materials required
  • No pollution
  • Enviromental-friendly
  • Automatic frequency search, automatic frequency tracking, no need for manual adjustment
  • Ultrasonic amplitude is stepless and adjustable from 0% - 100% , intelligently matching of different product types
  • More than 300 welding records
  • Replace manual welding
  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower the cost
Advantages of ultrasonic machining
  • Reduced machining resistance
  • Lower cutting force
  • Less heat production
  • Tool life extension
  • Higher machining efficiency
  • Higher precision and better surface quality

Conprofe ultrasonic tool holder BT30-GSK10-60L
0.19 USD Limited supply offer only till 31st,Jan,2021
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  • Taper tolerance AT2
  • G2.5 30000rpm ≤0.3gmm
  • 250% the clamping force of conventional chuck systems ensured by T-slotted thread
  • Rust-resistant, wear-resistant and high-strength alloy steel structure
  • Quiet and high speed machining ensured by balanced nuts
  • Symmetry guaranteed by fine milled grooves
Items Parameters
Product Name Spring Collet Chuck Holder
Model Number BT30-GSK16-60
Proper Spindle BT30
Clamping Diameter 1~10
Proper Nut GSK16
Proper Collet SK16
D 40
D1 40.5
L 60
L1 36
G TR32*1.5


  • Adhering to the requirements of human beings on green, environmental protection and recyclable environmental quality , Conprofe is committed to providing healthy, safe and harmless products to realize the sustainable development of enterprises, economy and society
Innovation leads the development
  • 3 Innovation and R&D Centers (Guangzhou / Shenzhen / US)
  • The largest international manufacturer of ultrasonic machining tool holder production and application 
  • Highest output and sales volumes of ultrasonic tool holders worldwide; more than 60 thousand ultrasonic tool holders for market application
Passionate team seeks for excellence
  • We are a team full of responsibility and passion for customers. We advocate learning, innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service and win-win, ensuring that we maximally meet the needs of customers with the best service in the fastest time.

Holding more than 80% market share of ultrasonic welding system in China


DMG, MAZAK, FANUC and other


An area of 41,000 square meter



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