CNC UHB-600 Ultrasonic Machine Tool

Ultrasonic Brittle & Metal Machining Center | Ultrasonic CNC Machine


Efficient processing of metals, hard & brittle materials

Cutting force down by 50%

Cutting heat down by 30%

Sub-surface damage reduced by 40%

Tool life improved by 3~10 times

Efficiency significantly increased by reducing C/T and polishing

Ultrasonic Brittle & Metal Machining Center

Technical Data

Main Spindle HSK 40E 7.5KW

The Maximum Speed 30,000 rpm

Traverse Range X × Y × Z 600×500×300 mm

Working Table X×Y 500×400 mm

The Maximum Moving Speed X / Y / Z 15 / 15 / 12 m / min

Positioning Accuracy 0.005 mm

TAccuracy of Repeated Positioning 0.003 mm

The Weight of Working Table 300kg

Key Components

Ultrasonic integrated into HSK 40E spindle

Tool magazine with 13 positions

Siemens 828D 280 system

Laser tool checker with ultrasonic amplitude measurement

Precision screw guide

Coolant system

Centralized automatic lubrication system

Spindle cooling system

Optical Components

High precision grating ruler

High precision 3D probe

Subminiature 4th/5th Axis

Centrifugal filter system

Oil mist collector

Touch probe for tool setting