Ultrasonic Brittle & Metal Machining Center | Ultrasonic CNC Machine

Conprofe Ultrasonic High-efficiency Precision Milling Machining Center is a high-speed, high-precision CNC machine tool. The whole machine tool is made of cast iron material with excellent shock absorption performance. The vibration suppression performance is stable and reliable.


With ISO-20/HSK-E25/HSK-E32/HSK-E40/HSK-A63 tool holders, it can meet the machining needs of parts of different sizes.

It has outstanding small tool machining ability, suitable for small metal parts machining.

Adopting ultrasonic technology with independent intellectual property rights, it can machine hard and brittle materials (ceramics, sapphire, glass, carbon fiber composite materials, etc.) and difficult-to-machine materials to obtain better surface quality, longer tool life, and higher machining efficiency.

Ultrasonic Machining Advantages

Efficient processing of metals, hard & brittle materials

Cutting force down by 50%

Cutting heat down by 30%

Sub-surface damage reduced by 40%

Tool life improved by 3~10 times

Efficiency significantly increased by reducing C/T and polishing

Industry application 3C Consumer electronics
Machined part Arrow keys of video game controller
Workpiece material Alumina ceramics
Machine tool UHB-400
Cutting tool Solid PCD micro-edge mill
Tool specifications D6xR0.5x4x45LxD6x50F
Machining result Overall contour surface machining, smooth surface without tool marks
Industry application Aerospace
Machined part Composite carbon fiber
Workpiece material Carbon fiber composite material
Machine tool UHB-400
Cutting tool Solid PCD micro-edge mill
Tool specifications Ф4-20F
Machining result Burr is significantly reduced, without lamination and scorching phenomenon
Industry application 3C Consumer Electronics
Machined part Smart watch case
Workpiece material Ceramics
Machine tool UHB-400
Cutting tool Diamond electroplated grinding head
Tool specifications Ф2xR0.2
Machining result Without any cracks, tool markson the surface