Conprofe UHB-400 Ultrasonic Machine Tool

Ultrasonic Brittle & Metal Machining Center

Cutting force down by 50%

Cutting heat down by 30%

Sub-surface damage reduced by 40%

Tool life improved by 3~10 times

Efficiency significantly increased by reducing C/T and polishing

Main Spindle ISO 20 3.7KW

The Maximum Speed 40,000 rpm

Traverse Range X × Y × Z 400×400×150 mm

Working Table X×Y 400×400 mm

The Maximum Moving Speed X / Y / Z 15 / 15 / 12 m / min

Positioning Accuracy 0.005 mm

Accuracy of Repeated Positioning 0.003 mm

The Weight of Working Table 100kg

Ultrasonic integrated into ISO 20 spindlem

Tool magazine with 12 positions

HNC-918D system

Touch probe for tool setting

Precision screw guide

Coolant system

Centralized automatic lubrication system

Spindle cooling system

High precision 3D probe

Subminiature 4th/5th Axis

Centrifugal filter system

Oil mist collector

Dual tool magazine with 24 positions

Laser tool checker with ultrasonic amplitude measurement

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