Ultrasonic Welding System UW20-1A-CF/UW20-1A-JX

Ultrasonic Welding System for Surgical Masks


Simple installation

Environmental-friendly without the need for solvents or adhesives

Ultrasonic power output adjustable from 0% to 100%

Easy operation with automatic frequency search and tracking

A variety of specifications for different classes of masks

Long warranty and quick delivery

Efficient and stable

Ultrasonic Welding System

Technical Data

Output power (W)  1500

Frequency (kHz) 20

Input voltage (V) 230±10%

Output frequency (kHz) 18~22

Ouput mode: UW20-1A-CF Continuous
UW20-1A-JX Intermittent

Horn size (mm) 110 x 20
210 x 20

More horn sizes, please contact us