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With ultrasonic technology and green technology, Conprofe ultrasonic green machine tools are ideally suitable for precision grinding and cutting of difficult-to-cut metals such as glass, ceramics, sapphire, quartz, graphite, carbon-fiber reinforced plastics, titanium alloys, etc. For example, Conprofe ultrasonic green machine tools are able to bring maximum 15 times longer tool life, 50% lower surface roughness and significantly improved micro surface texture while machining the typical difficult-to- machine titanium alloys, which feature active chemism, poor thermal conductivity, and small elastic modulus.

  Conprofe, since its establishment in 2003, has been dedicated to bringing customers truly one-stop solutions by integrating core manufacturing technologies such as efficient precision parts, key components for high-end equipment, ultrasonic machine tools, intelligent equipment, Lights-off Factory, etc.